Peter's Film Roles

Peter has been a member of Equity for many years and has mainly played roles as a musician.

Love Actually

Playing the church organist in the Keira Knightley church wedding scene.

One day

Playing the pianist - with Anne Hathaway (of The Devil Wears Prada fame). School assembly scene.


Playing the string player - with Johhny Depp, Dustin Hoffman, Julie Christie and Kate Winslett.

The Band's Appearances

Inside Out

BBC consumer based television program with Des Coleman

South Riding

1930s BBC drama set in Yorkshire starring David Morrisey and Anna Maxwell Martin

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Peter's Television Roles

Modern Toss

Comedy series playing a percussionist sports reporter

Father Brown - Series V

Some of the Horn section of the band playing Christmas Carol. Arrangements by Peter.

WPC56 - Series I, II & III

Playing PC Fletcher and also in series lll credited brass band tutor and brass performer/session recordings.

South Riding (BBC)

Drama Trombonist

Emmerdale (YTV)

Church Organist

Born and Bred (BBC)

Pub pianist

Heartbeat (YTV)

Pub organist

New Tricks

Pub pianist

Family (ITV)

Cocktail Pianist with Martin Kemp (Spandau Ballet)

Night Flight (BBC)

Keyboard player with Christopher Plumber

How do you want me? (BBC)

Keyboard player with Emma Chambers

Casualty (BBC)

  1. Keyboardist at Charlie's wedding
  2. Recorded keyboard player for Peter Straker of Queen video fame (hoover scene)